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"Artificial turf unsuitable for World Cup"

The Australian women's football team – also known as the Matildas – and Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) confirmed the players' opposition to the use of artificial turf for the 2015 Women's World Cup and called on football's universal rights to extend to women.

Blog: Hip osteoarthritis in retired footballers

As the new season is getting underway, FIFPro and its Chief Medical Officer Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge also kick off a new series of blogs. Today Dr. Gouttebarge discusses hip osteoarthritis: what causes hip osteoarthritis, what are the consequences and what is the rate of players suffering from this joint disease?

Footballers Union Botswana with the Zebras

It was a clear statement for everybody following Botswana football: the professional footballers union of Botswana (FUB) and the country's national football team showed that they fully support each other.

More professionalism for more safety

The professionalization of African football inevitably requires that improved safety be provided for players, referees and linesmen, and spectators. The management is obviously unaware of this. In response to the death of Albert Dominique Ebossé Bodjongo Dika in Algeria on Saturday, while he was doing his job as a professional footballer and wearing the strip of JS Kabylia, FIFPro Division Africa, supported by Synafoc, the union of Cameroonian football players, gives its first thoughts to the family and friends of this 24-year-old striker, struck down by the stupidity that has unfortunately become routine among so-called supporters.

Fan violence: Cameroonian player dies

Cameroonian professional footballer Albert Dominique Ebossé Bodjongo Dika passed away during the evening of Saturday August 23rd. The 24-year old JS Kabylie player was deadly wounded by home fans after his club had suffered a home defeat to USM Alger: 2-1.

Death of Ebossé: Synafoc issues a condemnation

The National Union of Cameroonian Footballers (SYNAFOC) expresses its indignation and condemns in the strongest possible terms this vile act, stained with a Machiavellian barbarity, that has cost the life - on a football field - of one of its members.