• FIFPro denounces debts of Ecuadorian clubs

    The Ecuadorian Footballers’ Association (AFE) categorically rejects the statements made to the press by the President of the Football Committee of Barcelona SC Guayaquil questioning the  declarations by the Club’s players, who claimed that they are owed three months’ pay, because the club executive considers that “they have not played well, and the results go hand in hand with the financial side."

  • Austrians honour Soriano and National Team

    Austrian professional football players celebrated the best in their game during the 19th Bruno Gala in Vienna. They picked Jonathan Soriano, Zlatko Junuzovic and the Austrian national team as the winners of the main awards.

  • Socceroos boycott FA commercial events

    PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian confirmed that the Socceroos would not attend FFA commercial events and appearances and will instead seek to undertake additional community and charity appearances to ensure fans do not miss out on meeting the players.

  • Legal experts discuss TPO, minors, arbitration

    Improvements in FIFA Regulations, the ban on Third Party Ownership and its consequences for the players, and interesting points of view concerning arbitration clauses were some of the issues discussed during FIFPro America’s third legal conference, held last week in Bogota by the Colombian professional footballers association, Acolfutpro.

  • PFA releases A-League Injury Report

    Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has revealed a failure by some A-League clubs to comply with Minimum Medical Standards following the release of the 2014/15 PFA A-League Injury Report.

    PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian made the announcement after the ninth edition of the report revealed that injuries had cost A-League clubs in excess of $4 million for the season.

  • AFG wants to create sports prosecution service

    The Guatemalan Footballers’ Association (AFG), led by its President, Carlos Ruiz, held a press conference with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Guatemala, represented by the Chief Prosecutor, Thelma Aldana, to ask for a special sports prosecution service to be created, with a view to improving the situation of players subjected to threats, as well as acts of corruption in Guatemalan football.