• FIFPro reaction to latest FIFA crisis

    FIFPro is disappointed to learn that some of world football’s highest-ranking officials are now suspended by FIFA’s Ethics Committee as the game lurches from one crisis to another.

    While inappropriate to comment on individuals under investigation, a pattern has emerged that leaves FIFPro with little or no confidence in the ability of FIFA to reform from within.

  • Research links severe injuries to mental illness

    New FIFPro research shows that symptoms of mental health problems are more widespread in current and former professional footballers than in the general population. Next to that, FIFPro has found a strong correlation between severe injuries and surgeries and the mental wellbeing of players.

  • “Knowing people simply care is a huge help”

    One year ago Chris Jackson shocked family, friends and followers of New Zealand football. In an interview with FIFPro, the former New Zealand national team captain disclosed he had been suffering from mental health issues for decades, since he was fifteen

  • Mental health: a unique CBA in New Zealand

    The New Zealand Professional Footballers’ Association (NZPFA) proudly presented its newest Collective Bargaining Agreement for the players of the New Zealand national team, also known as the All Whites. As the first CBA in global football, it contains measures to help prevent players suffering from mental illness.

  • FIFPro to unveil new mental health research

    On Tuesday, October 6, FIFPro will release a seminal exploration of mental health disorders in professional footballers. Conducted by FIFPro’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge (Assistant Professor at the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam), and Professor Gino Kerkhoffs from the Academic Medical Centre of Amsterdam, this research surveyed over 800 current and former players from 11 FIFPro member countries on 3 continents. It is an immediate follow-up to Dr. Gouttebarge’s 2014 mental health research.

    The information gained from this research will seek to further inform all stakeholders within football about the widespread nature of these medical problems and lead a debate around the supportive measures which are necessary for those suffering.

  • Stars attend as India's best players celebrated

    Eugeneson Lyngdoh and Sandesh Jhingan were chosen by their peers as the best Indian footballers for 2014-15. They were among the best of the I League and the Indian Super League (ISL) who were honoured at the Football Players Association of India (FPAI) awards.