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FIFPro Congress to be held in Tokyo

The football world’s leading player association representatives, from more than 60 countries, will gather for three days (October 28-30) in Tokyo, Japan, at the FIFPro Annual General Assembly.

The AGM opens on Tuesday, October 28, with a plenary session that will see three new members join the FIFPro family, as the World Footballers’ Association takes another significant step to support the needs of all professional footballers across the globe.

No to Discrimination and Yes to Diversity

During the past fifteen days (from 9 to 23 October), FARE coordinated the Football People action weeks. All around Europe, players, clubs, football associations, national teams and player unions paid attention to the fight against racism, by sending out firm messages against discrimination and for social inclusion.

Greek national team supports FIFPro and PSAP

The football players of the Greek National team expressed their contentment with the work of both the Greek footballers association PSAP and the World Players' Union, FIFPro. The players recognised the substantive support of both unions, of professional football players in Greece, during a special meeting with the Board of Directors of the PanHellenic Professional Football Players' Association (PSAP).

World XI: Poland is part of football community

In the week that Polish football celebrated a 2-0 home-victory over World Champions Germany, many of the country's players were invited by players union PZP to select their FIFA FIFPro World XI, as well as the best players in Polish football.

Scottish players join the World XI vote

Footballers from the Scottish Highlands have spoken in this season's 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI vote. Players from SPFL Premierships teams Inverness and Ross County, in the far north of Scotland, made their choices last week during one of PFA Scotland's club visits.

Cyprus, Malta, Norway and Venezuela vote

A handful of FIFPro member unions took the opportunity in the last two weeks to visit their national teams and invite the best players of their country to participate in the vote for the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI.