• Start Bolivian Apertura Championship in doubt

    The start of the Bolivian football league championship, planned for 7 August, is at risk because of the clubs’ debts to players and coaching staff, warns the country's footballers’ association (Fabol). Ten of the twelve clubs in the first division owe nearly $1.4 million to players and coaching staff, who have won judgments in a local sports tribunal.

  • FIFPro welcomes Brussels court TPO decision

    The Court of First Instance in Brussels (Belgium) rejected a case against the ban of Third Party Ownership brought by Doyen Sports Investment and Belgian club Seraing United, last Friday 24 July. The judge dismissed Doyen’s request for a temporary injunction against FIFA’s worldwide ban.

  • ACOLFUTPRO presents members' concerns to FCF

    ACOLFUTRO presented a communication to the representatives of the directors of the Colombia’s professional football organisations stating the main concerns expressed by professional footballers in Colombian football’s categories A and B at the ACOLFUTPRO general meeting held on 22 June in the city of Bogotá.

  • Racism: After Frimpong fracas, focus on Russia

    FIFPro condemns the treatment of Emmanuel Frimpong at the hands of supporter(s) attending last weekend’s opening match of the Russian Premier League, between Spartak Moscow and FC Ufa.

    It is unacceptable that a human being should be subject to discrimination and racial abuse while fulfilling his job obligations in a working environment. It is particularly concerning that incidents of this nature continue to be reported in Russia, which will host the 2018 World Cup.

  • Jobs above all in FIFPro Tournament

    The 50th anniversary edition of the FIFPro Tournament was by all accounts a resounding success. A last gasp goal for the Czech Republic propelled it over the defending champions Spain in an entertaining penalty shootout. Many players turned in starring performances from Tournament MVP Jiri Jarosik to Chirri to Amadou Soukouna.

  • African minors in Laos must be released

    FIFPro has alerted FIFA that the current Transfer Matching System (FIFA TMS) does not guarantee the protection of minor players. The world players’ union strongly urges the game’s global governing body to fix this problem in an expedient manner. FIFPro has uncovered a trafficking practice perpetrated by a Laotian premier league club which has victimised numerous Liberian minors. The club currently refuses to let six minor and eight young adult footballers leave the club and return to their homes.

    FIFPro appeals for the immediate release of the players and demands that FIFA and all FA’s involved will realise that this situation be solved in a forthright manner, with the players returning to their Liberian homes and families safely and without any obstacles such as expired visas or so-called ‘expenses’.